On the issue of replica watch preservation and appreciation

Probably because Patek Philippe¡¯s advertisements are too good, or the publicity stunts of various famous watch merchants are too full, so that many people now attach great importance to watch preservation when buying mechanical replica watches, and they always feel that a high-priced watch is bought There will be more or less room for appreciation in the future. In fact, this concept is not complete.

Generally speaking, it is difficult to maintain the value of watches that are generally sold in shopping malls. Even jewelry watches inlaid with gold and silver jewelry are no exception. The depreciation rate is amazing, especially for quartz watches. The real value-preserving watch has its particularity. An industry giant like Patek Philippe with superb watchmaking skills, although the transaction rate in the auction house is relatively high, and the value in the second-hand market is relatively stable, but there is no guarantee that all styles of Patek Philippe watches can maintain their value.

Because the price of Patek Philippe itself is relatively high, ordinary people seldom buy such a watch for daily wear. Secondly, the second watch auction also depends on the color, newness and completeness, so such a watch can only be bought at home. For collection, no matter how cautiously it is worn daily, the watch will wear out, which is equivalent to a slow depreciation.

Watches that want to maintain their value replcia Rolex should belong to the scarce type. The collection industry has always adhered to the concept of scarcity. Many high-priced watches at auctions are "unique" or "rare" to a certain extent. , Especially some commemorative or special custom watches. But this kind of watch itself is very expensive, and it is difficult for ordinary people to afford it.